Monday, July 18, 2011

Ken's Diner - Rockport, Texas

If you've been going to the coastal town of Rockport , Texas, as I have, in the last 10 years it has grown significantly. Especially the business aspect of the town. One new restaurant has popped up since the last time I was there (it's been about two years) and that is Ken's Diner. It's a small place, in fact, if you're not looking for it you'll drive right by it. It may be a small place, but, the menu is quite extensive and most importantly the food is superb. The best description I have is that everything taste "homemade". The waitstaff is very friendly and courteous with excellent service being their top priority.
I walked in for breakfast and the place was packed. No names put on a list, they use the honor system, you sit in the order you walked in as patrons leave. As I was walking to my table I was also scouring the people already seated to see what looked good. All the plates looked good. Anyway, I sat down and ordered my cup of coffee and looked over the menu. The choices for breakfast were many. I finally decided on the "Classic" breakfast which included 2 or 3 eggs (I chose 2) cooked how you wanted, hashbrowns or grits, with bacon, ham or sausage and toast or biscuits. Oh and just in case you were wondering, the prices are cheeeeeeeeaaaaaap!!! ( My plate was $4.99!!)
I ordered my eggs sunny-side-up with hashbrowns that were crispy on the outside and tender inside and not greasy - just the way I like them. I also had the biscuits which were fluffy, light and tasty.
My overall breakfast experience at Ken's Diner was great. If you're ever in the Rockport area of the Texas coast, please go by and pay them a visit, you won't be disappointed.

                                                                     Ken's Diner

                                                                   205 Hwy 35 N
                                                                  Rockport, Texas

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